Are tight or sore muscles stopping you live a healthy & active life?

Tight or sore muscles are a pain!

If you have tight or sore muscles, you’ll know how they can cause headaches, distract you at work, and make everyday tasks painful and difficult.

At Livfit Physio, we use a range of therapeutic massage techniques to get rid of your muscle tension and pain.

We use deep tissue massage, sports massage, remedial massage and trigger point massage. We aren’t a relaxation spa, our skill-set is therapeutic effect and the best relief possible from muscular pain and tightness.

Why see a LivFit Physio for Massage?

As Physiotherapists, we study the muscular system for four or more years at University.

We also study and understand the body’s joints, nerves and bones at University level, and so best understand how these structures effect the muscles in your body.

As well as University training, we accumulate years of experience in dealing with clients in pain from all angles.

The result is we are the best placed practitioners to provide safe and effective massage for those in pain. We see clients who have accessed and been hurt by cheaper, less skilled practitioners, and it’s not worth the risk.

If you have private health insurance with extras, you’ll receive a rebate when you have a massage provided by a Livfit Physio. Depending on your level of cover, this can make it much more affordable than cheaper, less skilled options.

Are you ready to take charge your health and wellness and not be reliant on someone else?

As well as providing massage, we also teach our clients how to self-massage and stretch with a range of techniques.

Our techniques can include massage balls, foam rollers, and the provision of individually tailored stretching programs.

We believe in empowering our clients. While we are always here to help, we also want our clients to have the tools and knowledge to help themselves. Unless you want to take us away on holiday or to your workplace, knowing how to loosen your own muscles is quite a handy thing!